What is Elevate exactly?

Elevate is a fitness-centric social network that revolves around helping health-conscious individuals log their gym workouts and diets by powering users’ cameras with futuristic patent-pending technology. We believe this tech will become the gold standard for consumers to track their daily fitness goals, minimizing 90% of the typing and tapping on a phone screen that is required to log them. We are building this new camera-utilized segment of digital fitness by leveraging various aspects of artificial intelligence and machine learning.

What can I scan with Elevate?

Currently, you can scan 4 things with Elevate:

Gym Equipment.
A user can scan gym equipment in any gym, and Elevate will identify what that equipment is, and what exercises you can do with that equipment.

Food Items.
The food scanning technology we utilize combines artificial intelligence and machine learning to recognize, categorize and analyze over 5,000 global food dishes.

Most barcodes of any food item or beverage

Fitness & Nutrition Words
Word Recognition can be used if you want to scan a gym equipment word, for example: treadmill or bench press, as well as any food word, for example: plum or pancake. Scanning these words will give you the ability to log these specific items in a workout or your daily log.